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Introducing Jazzedge Academy Blueprints: concise lessons to keep you focused at the piano. Each blueprint offers step-by-step instruction, sheet music, resources, quizzes, and practice plans—all on a simple one-page interface. Watch the blueprint "trailer" video, then click "Do This Blueprint" to begin. Feel free to switch between blueprints at your own pace—no time limits!

Jazz Piano (Beginner)

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With this exciting blueprint, you'll learn how to use simple chord shells to create simple arrangements for jazz standards. The best part? Once you've mastered this technique, you can apply it to a wide range of tunes and even use it for improvisation. Comping and jazz rhythm will also be covered. This blueprint is a great stepping stone into my larger Standards by the Dozen™ program.

Beginner Chords (Triads)

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Get ready to master major and minor triads with proper fingering, technique, and inversions in this beginner chords blueprint. Building a strong foundation with triads is crucial to learning advanced chords like seventh chords, rootless chords, and upper structure triads.

Intermediate Chords (Sevenths)

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In this blueprint, you will learn an easy way to create major seventh, minor seventh, and dominant seventh chords using triads as a foundation. You'll also learn different inversions, exercises to practice, and how to apply these chords to actual songs. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to create a full and impressive sound on the piano and play thousands of different songs.

Rootless Chords (Advanced)

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This blueprint focuses on creating your major, minor, and dominant seventh rootless chords, with a step-by-step process to form them. Rootless chords can be used in both group and solo playing and are a staple of any jazz piano players vocabulary. Be sure to have mastered the Beginner and Intermediate Chords Blueprints before beginning this blueprint.

Super Simple Standards

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Learn how to play both jazz and even pop/rock standards (popular songs) using a simplified approach with chord shells. This is a great place to start, especially for beginners, and this is knowledge that you can build upon to create even more advanced arrangements.

Power Practice

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With this incredible blueprint, you'll learn how to practice using a multimodal approach which means you'll learn your theory, chords and scales FASTER than any other method. Based on years of research and practical application with hundreds of students, you'll improve your knowledge of theory at the piano faster than ever before.

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