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Faster Fingers Bundle

get faster at the piano
Does the magic of the piano enchant you, but your fingers seem to be at a slower pace? Do you want to improvise joyously and keep the audience on the edge of their seat as your fingers fly across the keys? With Jazzedge Academy, your dream of lively and swift piano play can transition from reverie into reality in no time! We introduce you to our meticulously crafted "Faster Fingers" Bundle.

Jazz Standards Mastery Bundle

Dive into jazz with the "Jazz Standards Mastery Bundle," designed for both novices and seasoned musicians. This course guides you through "Cry Me a River" across eight lessons, blending beginner insights with advanced techniques. Beyond just playing, it's an immersive experience in arrangement creation, improvisation, and the dynamics of intros and endings.

Jazz, Blues & Funk Licks Bundle

blues and jazz piano licks
Introducing our incredible bundle of lessons designed to take your blues piano skills to new heights. Packed with an assortment of captivating and educational content, this bundle will guide you through the art of playing mesmerizing blues and funk licks.

Jazz Improvisation Bundle

improvise over the blues
Introducing Jazzedge Academy's comprehensive Jazz Improvisation Bundle of lessons for jazz piano enthusiasts, designed to transform your playing into a mesmerizing improvisational journey. Delve into the captivating world of jazz improvisation, basslines, and master the art of rootless chords with this all-inclusive package. With a carefully curated selection of lessons, Jazzedge Academy empowers you to […]
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