Jazzedge Academy Class Credits

With Jazzedge Academy class credits, you can take a class regardless of your membership status.

1 Class Credit

Purchase 1 Class Credit

5 Class Credits

$90 - you save 10%
Purchase 5 Class Credits (save 10%)

10 Class Credits

$150 - you save 25%
Purchase 10 Class Credits (save 25%)

Class Credit FAQ's

What are class credits?
With class credits, you can take classes that are outside of your membership level. For example, if you are an Academy-level student and want to take a Premier-level class, you can use (1) class credit to take the class. 
How can I attend the class if I do not have the correct membership level?
You can attend any class, regardless of your membership level, by purchasing class credits. Then, use your credits for the classes you want to attend. Each class = 1 credit.
Can I use class credits for any class?
Yes, as long as they are classes. Watch the video above to see the difference. Class credits can not be used to attend coaching sessions, but you can use class credits to attend any class...even if you're not an Academy member!

Best of all, you can pick and choose your classes. Maybe you use 1 credit to attend a Transcription class to see if it is right for you. You can use credits for any class and you do not have to use them for only one type of class. You're in control!
Can I use class credits to attend coaching?
No. You can not use class credits to attend coaching sessions. 
Can I get a refund for class credits?
No, once a class credit has been applied to the event (this means you clicked the "Take this class" button) you can not get a refund. There are also no refunds for unused class credits.
Do class credits expire?
No. Your unused class credits do not expire.
Do I get access to both the live class and replay when I use a class credit?
Yes. When using a class credit to take the class, you will get access to the live event (class) as well as the replay and any resources that come with that class.

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