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How to Use SmartMusic (An Overview)

Our SmartMusic is using the Soundslice player. Read their documentation here.

Basic Features


The Soundslice player provides various tools for musical practice, including notation and tablature alongside synchronized audio and video, looping, playback speed control, and more.


Play and pause the music using standard playback controls. Use the play button to start or stop the playback at any point.

Navigating Playback

• Click or tap on any part of the music to jump to that section in the audio/video.

• Drag the progress bar to jump to measures not currently visible on the page. The progress bar shows both the measure number and the timestamp for easy navigation.

• In Paged layout, the progress bar includes white marks indicating where the page breaks are.

Soundslice Help Documentation


Looping music is one of the best ways to practice. You can loop a recording of your teacher or favorite artist and play along, trying to match their pitches, tone, and timing.

Creating Loops

  • On a Computer: Click and drag anywhere in the music to create a loop. Playback will be limited to the selected section.
  • As you drag, Soundslice automatically snaps to notes, rests, and barlines, making your loop precise. The rest of the notation fades out, letting you focus on the looped section.
  • On Mobile Devices: Tap the "Loop" icon in the control bar to create a loop in the current measure. Adjust the starting and ending points by tapping and dragging.

Resizing Loops

Adjust an existing loop by clicking and dragging its left or right edge.

Clearing Loops

To clear a loop, click or tap anywhere in the notation.

The Loop Menu

When a loop is active, a menu appears at the bottom of your music, indicating the bars you’re looping and providing several options:

  • Focus: Opens focus mode for the selected music.
  • Save: Saves the current loop as a clip.
  • Playback Options: Access options like “Play with count-in” and “Play loop only once.”

Play a Looped Area Just Once

To play a selected passage only once, click the playback options in the loop menu and select “Play loop only once.” This allows you to start the same passage over without manually navigating to the start each time.

Loop Precision

Loop precision depends on the type of audio synced with the slice:

  • Audio-only (with “enhanced slowdown”): Perfect loops to the level of an audio sample.
  • Audio-only (without “enhanced slowdown”): Nearly perfect loops, with slight duration variation.
  • Video: Slight delay between loops, depending on video quality and loop length.
  • Synthetic: Nearly perfect loops, with slight duration variation.

To achieve the most precise loops, use an MP3 file instead of a video. Offering both allows users to switch between them for different experiences.

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