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iRealPro Tutorial

Visit for help setting up iRealPro. We did not create this software so you need to reach out to the developer for further help.

With that said, here are some helpful tips:

You must have iRealPro installed on your device

If you are downloading the iRealPro file from your desktop, you will need to have the software installed on your computer. When you click the blue link in the iRealPro window that pops up when you click an iRealPro file, you will need to have the software installed in order to open it.

Many students get confused because they have iRealPro on their phone, but try to download the files on their desktop.

Instead, login to the site using your phone (or tablet...whereever iRealPro is installed) then click on the iRealPro link to open the file.

See the video below for detailed help:

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