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Latin Jazz Class

Introduction to Latin Jazz:

In the mid 1940’s Jazz musicians got together with Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians and Latin Jazz was born.

Earliest roots were in New York City and it was people like Dizzy Gillespie and Mario Bauza who formulated this exciting collaboration. Latin Jazz has since grown and evolved into one of the most expansive and innovative styles on the planet.

It’s considered by many to be a part of jazz like blues and gospel music are. Latin Jazz is a great way to work on strengthening your rhythm and independence between hands (and feet).

In this class, we will:

  • Learn about some basic rhythms and patterns including the clave, the cascara, and learn how to play piano montunos in clave with bass.
  • Learn the pianist’s role – to think like a percussionist in this music.
  • Listen to classic Latin Jazz, Salsa and Son Montuno recordings old and new.
  • Study transcriptions and look at how jazz standards can be “latinized” in an authentic way.


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  • Event Date: April 28, 2023 1:00 pm
  • Day of Week: Friday
  • Type: class
  • Teacher: nina
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