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The Confident Improviser - Advanced

learn piano improvisation for all levels
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Learn how to improvise over our "Just Standards" songs in this class.

This is an advanced-level class so you should have already gone through several major scales and know your chords.

To get ready for this class, be sure to work through these preparation lessons.

It is also a great idea to work through The Confident Improviser™ - Level 1.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • Scales and "ingredients" for improvising
  • How to use rhythm in your improvisation
  • How to create licks and variations
  • How to apply your improvisation skills to other styles (i.e. rock, pop, gospel, blues, latin and more)
  • Exercises to practice to stay on track


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  • Date: November 1st at 11:00am
  • Event Timezone: Eastern Timezone
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  • Day of Week: Wednesday
  • Type: class
  • Focus: Semester wrap up
  • Teacher: willie
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