Transcription Class

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In this Premier-level live class, beginning Tuesday, January 17th at 2:30pm ET, students will engage in a comprehensive process in order to cultivate their aural skills and enhance their ability to learn and play music by ear. Students can join live, or access the replays.

Students Will...

  • Listen to recordings
  • Memorize a jazz standard
  • Acquire the necessary tools and setup to begin transcribing
  • Learn to “loop” and hear short phrases to begin the transcription process
  • Learn to identify the pitches and rhythms that were played
  • Learn to hear the harmonic progression taking place under a solo
  • Learn what to do with their left hand
  • Learn to take short, transcribed musical phrases and import essential jazz improvisation vocabulary into their immediate playing abilities
  • Learn to analyze jazz harmony
  • Learn to transpose efficiently and effectively, and how to practice transposition to further develop the skill
  • Learn to build an advanced jazz improvisation vocabulary derived from legendary jazz musicians
  • Learn how to accurately notate a transcribed solo
  • Be able to ask questions live, and much more!

Class Schedule:

  • Class #1: Finding the “Right” Solo (How to Listen, i.e., “Active Listening”)
  • Class #2: Learning the Underlying Tune
  • Class #3: Proper Tools and Short Phrases (Work Efficiently and Don’t Cheat Yourself)
  • Class #4: Learning to Play What You Hear (Chord and Scale Relationships)
  • Class #5: Should I Notate While Transcribing?
  • Class #6: What About My Left Hand?
  • Class #7: Playing Along With Recordings
  • Class #8: Extracting Licks and “Looping”
  • Class #9: Harmonic Analysis
  • Class #10: Transposing Licks (Which Keys?)


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  • Event Date: Tue., Apr. 18th @ 2:30pm
  • Day of Week: Thursday
  • Type: class
  • Teacher: paul
  • Req. Membership Level: Premier
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