Ear Training 1 Boot Camp - Lesson 3

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Ear Training 1 Boot Camp - Lesson 3
We will be focusing on exercises starting on different solfege notes. You'll learn about tendency tones and how to know where notes want to resolve. We will also cover rhythmic dictation and melodic/rhythmic dictation exercises. Eighth-note triplets will be introduced.
My 5-week ear training bootcamp will improve your ears and ability to hear chords and progressions. We will be starting from scratch, so if you’ve never done ear training in the past, this course will be perfect for you. If you have experience with ear training, this course will be a great refresher and you’ll learn new skills along the way. Do I need to know how to sing in order to do ear training? No! We will be doing solfege, but trust me, I’m not a singer and I can do it…so you can too!
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