SBTD22-9: Linus and Lucy (SBTD - LAL - Intro)

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SBTD22-9: Linus and Lucy
This lesson features one of the most classic and recognizable pieces of piano repertoire of all time. The piece, by Vince Guaraldi from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," has become a regular Christmas standard. In this lesson we'll focus on the musical element of form. Although long when notated, the entire piece centers around only 3 sections which are relatively short. By understanding the form, you learn to condense the song into small parts that are repeated in a particular order.
In this course, you'll learn a new standard every month. Each standard will be broken down into both simple and advanced arrangements so this course is great for players of all levels. You'll learn how to create both a solo and group arrangement while also learning two-handed comping and improvisation.
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