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Slow Minor Blues - Vol. 2
In this lesson, we will continue where we left off from volume 1. We begin by reviewing “The Thrill is Gone” groove and bassline. Everything is broken down for you step-by-step, making it easy to learn regardless of your skill level. After mastering a basic version, we will add more tensions to the chords to create a richer blues sound. Next we move on to improvisation. You’ll learn 8 new scales for improvisation. We will work through different ways of breaking up the scales to create your own unique blues piano solo. This lesson will focus more on improvisation. We will cover neighbor chords, trills, crushed notes, double-stops and more to create some cool sounding improvisation.​ Trills, turns and double-stops are an important aspect of blues piano playing. We will cover these in detail! You’ll also learn how to improvise using rhythmic cells.
In this course you'll learn more slow blues techniques like playing a blues in minor. We will also learn a slow blues-type rag and how to play slow gospel blues.
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