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Advanced Jazz Piano Arranging

Explore the enchanting world of "Advanced Jazz Piano Arranging" as we delve into the timeless gem Chelsea Bridge composed by Billy Strayhorn in 1941. Aptly described as an impressionistic jazz standard, this piece, initially recorded with Duke Ellington, has graced the repertoire of jazz legends like Joe Henderson and Tommy Flanagan.

In this course, we'll dissect the fundamental structure of the tune and craft a comprehensive solo piano arrangement in the classic jazz ballad style. Students will master techniques to enrich and amplify their arrangements, utilizing the entire piano to create depth and resonance. Additionally, we'll explore techniques for adding vibrant colors and dynamic fills, along with incorporating basic stride piano techniques. Join us as we embark on a journey to elevate your jazz piano arranging skills to new heights.

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Course Start Date: April 1st, 2024
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Course End Date: May 31st, 2024
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Recital Date: May 24th, 2024
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Premier Access Expires On: July 15th, 2024
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COURSE LEVEL: 3 (Levels Explained)

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Released On: Mar. 25th, 2024
Start Date: Apr. 1st, 2024
End Date: May. 31st, 2024
Premier Access Expires On: Jul. 15th, 2024
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A Detroit native, Nina Ott grew up in a musical family and began playing piano at age seven. Music was always an important part of life growing up in Detroit. Early on Nina was able to pick things out by ear. She was curious about all aspects of music. She loved singing in choirs as well as playing the piano. This fascination and passion for music has never left her.

Before dedicating herself to jazz and improvisation, Nina trained classically as a pianist, earning a scholarship and degree in classical piano performance. A love for improvisation and jazz lead her to change her musical course and move to the east coast to be closer to the center of jazz music. She very frequently attended live shows in Boston and NYC hearing masters such as Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner, Hank Jones, Mulgrew Miller, Tony Williams, Billy Higgins, Cedar Walton and Herbie Hancock. These musicians remain essential influences for her to this day.

Nina eventually moved to Chicago for a few years playing as a house pianist at the Green Mill Midnight Jam Session where she met the top jazz players. In Chicago she did steady solo piano work as well as working in clubs with musicians such as George Fludas, Jeff Parker, Robert Barry, John Whitfield, Pat Mallinger, Ari Brown, Red Holt and many more.

Latin Jazz and Salsa came into Nina’s life while living in Providence RI when she had the opportunity to play in trumpeter Carlos De Leon’s band. To learn the rhythms, Nina studied percussion and the music became an important piece of her musical life. She has since played with John Calloway, Louis Romero, Jesus Pagan Orchestra and currently leads her own Latin/Funk Collective, Descargadelic.

  • You should know how to form major, minor and dominant 7th chords
  • You should be able to play at least 6 of your 12 major scales
  • You need to be willing to practice advanced concepts and be patient!
  • It is recommended that have gone through the Super Simple Standards blueprint

Class 1 - First 8 measures of the song

Class 2 - Next 8 measures

Class 3 - The bridge

Class 4 - Finishing up the arrangement

Class 5 - Lead sheet work

Class 6 - Tips and Tricks

  • Learn the entire song in sections
  • Learn new chord voicings
  • Learn new arranging techniques like drop 2
  • Diminished chord harmonizations
  • Dominant chord harmonizations
At the end of the course you have the option to receive a certificate of completion. To receive your certificate, you must: hand in all assignments, pass each quiz with a 70 or above and participate in the end of course recital.
Chelsea Bridge (click to listen)
Course ID: 3166
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