Jazzedge Transition to Jazzedge Academy

For the past 20+ years I've been building site after site to make learning the piano fun, engaging and effective via an online interface.

In this time, me and my team of teachers have created an immense library of lessons which I have yet to see its equal anywhere else online.

One of the challenges in this large library of lessons has been STRUCTURE.

Since piano lessons are not a "one size fits all" it has sometimes been a challenge for students to find the right practice routine specific for them.

Jazzedge Academy changes this.

With Jazzedge Academy, students now have a strong and tested foundational curriculum to work through to learn all of the basics that every piano/keyboard/organ player must master, while also having the flexibility to create a program unique to their needs as a musician.

With this transition, there will be many questions and I will work to keep this page updated with the most relevant and up-to-date information about the transition from Jazzedge to Jazzedge Academy.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the 'help' button at the bottom-right of this page to contact us and I'll add your question and answer to the list.

Transition for Current Jazzedge Members:

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Do I need to move to Jazzedge Academy?

No. You can keep your current Jazzedge membership for as long as you like. Your membership will not be cancelled (unless you cancel it) and the price will not change. Jazzedge Academy does not affect your current Jazzedge membership in any way unless you decide to move to the Academy. The choice is yours.

Am I entitled to receive free access to Jazzedge Academy?

As a benefit to all of my supportive Jazzedge students, I am giving every Jazzedge student, that has an active membership, 1 year of FREE access to Jazzedge Academy at the 'Academy' level. You can learn more about the levels here.

Jazzedge Student is defined as any student who has full access to jazzedge.com. This does not include No Bull Piano, Jazz Piano Daily, Jazz Piano Lessons, Summer Piano Jam, Jazz Christmas Music or HomeSchoolPiano students.

If you cancel your membership at anytime within the year, your free access to Jazzedge Academy will also be removed.

What's going to happen to Jazzedge?

Nothing will happen to Jazzedge.com and the site will continue to remain online. However, moving forward Jazzedge will no longer be accepting new memberships and all new lessons will be put on Jazzedge Academy.

The only exceptions are the remaining 2022 Standards by the Dozen™ and a few more The Confident Improviser™ lessons which will still be added.

Will there be any changes to coaching?

Yes. Beginning in October 2022, coaching will be held every other week for Jazzedge & HomeSchoolPiano students. Students that are part of Jazz Piano Lessons, Jazz Piano Daily, Summer Piano Jam and Jazz Christmas Music will no longer receive coaching.

Coaching will be accessed via Jazzedge Academy and all Jazzedge students who have an active membership will receive a Jazzedge Academy login to access coaching.

Beginning June 2023, coaching will only be available for Jazzedge Academy members.

Is there a discount for Jazzedge students to become Academy members?

Yes! My "Can't Miss" sale price of $49 per month will be available to current Jazzedge students. This means you can lock in an Academy membership for only $49 per month. This rate is locked which means you can keep this rate for as long as you like. An email will be sent out with links to upgrade your membership. Again, this is completely optional. You can keep your current Jazzedge membership for as long as you like and you do not need to upgrade.

My question is not answered. How do I contact you?

Just click the 'help' button in the bottom-right side of the page and choose "Click here to contact us"

Do I get a refund on my unused membership (proration)?

We only prorate YEARLY memberships, not MONTHLY memberships. When you login to Jazzedge Academy, click on Account > Jazzedge Upgrade, you will see your current membership along with the amount that will be prorated to your account if you upgrade.

Here's how proration works:

1. You sign up for a Jazzedge Academy membership
2. Contact us after signing up and we will prorate your unused amount via a refund or credit to your account.

If the prorated amount is LARGER than your recent purchase, then you will receive a billing credit.

For example, if you have a $348/year membership to Jazzedge and have, let's say for this example, $200 credit, then sign up for Jazzedge Academy Monthly at $49/month, the prorated amount is larger than what you just paid so you will get 4 months of credit.

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