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Adding Practice Items

The new Practice Items on your dashboard are a powerful way to stay on track with your piano practice. After adding Practice Items, read Managing & Using Practice Items to learn how to use your new Practice Items!

There are (2) options for adding Practice Items

  1. Write your own custom Practice Item, or
  2. Choose one of your favorites

Adding a Favorite to Your Practice Items

Do this to add a favorite as a Practice Item:

  1. Click on "Choose a Favorite"
  2. Choose your favorite from the dropdown list
  3. Click "Save My Practice Item". Add more favorites by choosing them from the dropdown and clicking "Save My Practice Item"
  4. When done, click "I'm Finished"

Adding Your Own Custom Practice Item

To add your own custom Practice Item:

  1. Click on "Write My Own"
  2. Write your custom text in the box. You can write up to 150 characters
  3. Click "Save My Practice Item"
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