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Jazzedge Academy makes it easy to learn the piano by helping you focus on what you need to know while simultaneously giving you feedback from real teachers when you need it to help you learn the songs you love.

Piano lessons are not "one size fits all." 
Jazzedge Academy gives you the individual attention you need to succeed.

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From Jazz to Blues and Rock to Gospel, Jazzedge Academy has everything you need to reach your inner greatness at the piano.
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With over 1,000 lessons (950+ hours) in all styles, you will always have something new to learn.
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Join live or watch the class replay as Jazzedge teachers show you new concepts in our exciting classes!
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Get access to all lessons and classes. Premier members also get access to Premier Courses and feedback
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Why Should I Join
Jazzedge Academy?

Overcoming the #1 problem with online lessons...

Jazzedge has been teaching students around the world online for over 2 decades. In that time a constant question from students has been "Where do I start" and "What do I do next?"

Jazzedge Academy's unique curriculum divides practice into Foundational and Fun'dational elements to make it easier for students to be effective with their practice time. This means you learn faster and retain more.
Jazzedge Practice Curriculum™

Your piano technique...through the roof!

If your piano technique stinks, so will your performance. Learning proper technique at the piano is more than just learning scales and chord patterns. It's also learning how to shape notes via dynamics, articulation and proper form.

The Jazzedge Practice Curriculum™ gives your piano technique a boost by giving you specific exercises that you complete at your own pace. 

Plus, as you finish each level of focus, you can submit for feedback from a Jazzedge teacher to make sure you're on track!

Jazzedge Practice Curriculum™ - A Game Changer

Years in the making, the Jazzedge Practice Curriculum™ is found exclusively only at Jazzedge Academy

This step-by-step piano exercises guide is designed to improve your piano technique, speed, fluidity, ear, theory, rhythm and more. As you complete keys in each focus, they turn green, giving you a birds-eye view of your progress. Once complete with a focus, you can submit a video for grade from a live teacher (read more about milestone submissions below).

Feedback on Your Playing From a Live Teacher

Jazzedge Academy students can receive milestone feedback directly from a live Jazzedge teacher.

Milestone videos can be submitted after you complete all 12 keys for a focus. For example, once you can play all 12 major scales in each hand, submit a quick video of you playing the scales for a pass or redo grade.

Submission is optional, however it's a great way to stay on track! 
Learn jazz piano with premier courses

Create YOUR Learning Path

Jazzedge Academy is broken into Lessons-only, Classes-only and Premier membership options to give you maximum flexibility in how you study the piano.

LessonsLessons - everything from jazz piano to the bluesrockpopgospelorganfunkcountrylatin and even classical. We've got it.

ClassesClasses - learn different, exciting concepts from a live teacher or catch the replay, it's all recorded. Attend live and ask questions and interact with others.

Premier - With step-by-step classes and practice actions you'll never be at a loss of what you need to practice. Live teacher "check-ins" give you the opportunity to get live feedback.

Search, find, filter and favorite lessons

Using the Jazzedge Academy lesson filters, you can filter lessons by style, level, tags and more. Once you find the perfect lesson, just click the star to add it to your favorites.

You can access your lesson favorites from anywhere on the site, making it easy to stay on track and allowing you to spend more time practicing vs. finding lessons.
sheet music sample

Detailed sheet music and resources

Lessons also include detailed sheet music and resources to make your piano practice more fun, engaging and effective.

MP3 and iRealPro play-along tracks let you "jam with the band" to get you prepared to play with other musicians.

As an Academy member, you get full access to all resources which you can download.

Learn ANY style of music!

Jazzedge Academy has lessons in jazz, cocktail piano, blues, gospel, latin, funk, rock, pop, organ, voice, rhythm and even classical styles.

In addition, you'll find hours and hours of lessons on music theory, licks, riffs, technique, reharmonization, improvisation and many more concepts.

See Every Note, Loop, Change Speed and More

The Jazzedge Academy lesson player allows you to change the speed of the video as well as loop any section.

With the light-up virtual keyboard, you'll see every note displayed so it is easy to recreate everything that the teacher is playing.

Best of all, as a member, you can watch lessons as much as you want from any Internet-enabled device 24/7.

Stop Scrolling, Start Soaring: 
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Our Community

Jazzedge Academy is more than just a lesson database. It's a rich community of fellow pianists that are all working to improve and expand their piano playing ability...just like you. Hear what they have to say...
Jazzedge Academy Student Testimonial
Jazzedge Academy Student Testimonial
Jazzedge Academy Student Testimonial
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The video-based lessons can be viewed on any internet-enabled device. Live sessions are held using the free Zoom software which also runs on any internet-enabled device. You do not need any special keyboard or piano to use Jazzedge Academy. Click here to learn how to use Zoom.

Yes! With Jazzedge Learning Paths™ you'll get a detailed list of lessons to practice and what to focus on in each lesson.

Premier members enjoy live Teacher "Check-ins"  with a Jazzedge teacher where they can ask questions and get feedback.

However, If you are an absolute beginner, meaning you don't know the notes of the keyboard, have never played a song or have no idea what a quarter-note means, you should look at our HomeSchoolPiano program which is perfect for absolute beginners.

If you've been playing for a few months you have all the skill you need to be successful here at Jazzedge Academy. My students range from beginners to pros. You'll find all the lessons you need here to "level up" your piano playing.

At the top of every page in the site is a 'Help' link where you can find tutorial videos on how to use the site or contact us for further help.

In addition, every month Willie hosts 'Office Hours' which is a great opportunity to ask him questions directly about practice, music, the Academy and more.

Plus, our Student Community is another place where you can ask questions and get answers from fellow students.

Yes! Our special Jazzedge Academy video player lets you loop any section of the lesson and slow it down. You'll never miss a note with our virtual keyboard and all of the options you have with the video player!

Not at all. Jazzedge Academy has hundreds  (yes...hundreds) of lessons ranging from funk to rock, blues to latin, theory to ear training and even beginner classical piano lessons.

Over a dozen musical styles are covered in my lessons. Yet, you will notice that Jazzedge Academy skews toward the jazz style.

So, why Jazzedge? Well, when I started my online businesses in 2000...yes that long ago, I wanted to created a name that joined together my love for jazz and education. That became JazzED which eventually morphed into JazzEdge. We actually spelled it as JazzEDge for a while.

So Jazzedge Academy is not only for the 'elite' player. Nor is it only for jazz players. Jazzedge Academy takes the best of jazz, its creativity and improvisational spirit, to create an online learning experience like no other.

As one of my students likes to say "Your lessons don't just teach me a song, they teach me HOW to learn."

Our goal is for you to learn piano, not to be stuck in a program that doesn't work for you.

While Jazzedge Academy is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn the piano, we understand it might not be right for every student.

If you are unhappy with the lessons or site, you can request a full refund anytime within the first 30 days of membership.

There is a Resource Download Limit to prevent a student from signing up, downloading all of the resources, then requesting a refund. Please read the Resource Download Limit terms for more details.

There are no commitments or contracts. You can cancel your membership at anytime by visiting the Billing & Payments page from within your account.

No. As a member of Jazzedge Academy you have unlimited viewing from any device. However, our system will check if your account is being shared by more than one user and it will lock down the account. This means if you share your password with someone else, your account will likely get flagged by the system and lock you out of your account.

Yes! Jazzedge Academy contains all of the lessons from our various sites in one convenient location. The only lessons that are not part of Jazzedge Academy are the HomeSchoolPiano lessons which are designed for absolute beginners to the piano.

Lessons include:

  • All Jazzedge lessons
  • Jazz Piano Daily
  • Jazz Piano Lessons
  • Summer Piano Jam
  • Jazz Christmas Music
  • PianoWithWillie
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