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Premier Courses — What Students Say...

— Shari
— Bruce
— Gayle
"With the Premier Courses, I have to say that I think that you really found a great formula. The idea of working on limited sections of the song along with the video submission accountability has pushed me to really have the parts down. In the past, I might have gotten close enough but not really mastered the sections. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to improve the site and curriculum."
— Jim S.
Premier Student

See answers to common questions about Premier courses

No. Anyone can purchase this course. However, Premier members get access to all Premier Courses.

To take this course you must either have a Premier-level membership or purchase the course.

These are YOUR lessons so you get to decide how and when you participate. However, in order to get a completion certificate at the end of the course, you will need to submit the assignments.

Ultimately, it is up to yoiu to decide if you want to do the homework or join in on the live sessions.

Assignments are optional. However, in order to receive a certificate of completion, you must submit and pass all assignments before the end of the course.

You can submit your assignment at any time as long as the course is running. Check the main course page to see when the course ends.

You can submit assignments in any order. This means you can submit them out of order if you wish.

What if the assignment is too difficult for me?

You can alter the assignment to make it easier for yourself. For example, try playing an easier left-hand part, or maybe just submit the melody alone. Point is, it is best to submit something rather than nothing.

Premier Courses — A Game Changer

Our premier courses are structured into 8-week semesters. During the initial 6 weeks, you will focus on learning and skill development. In the remaining 2 weeks, you have the flexibility to choose one of the following options:
1. Participate in a recital to showcase your skills.
2. Continue your review and practice to solidify your knowledge.
3. Take a well-deserved break to recharge before the next course.
4. Or all of the above!
Premier Courses are a game changer because they give you focus and feedback with very specific practice goalsIf you've struggled with your piano practice, these courses will keep you motivated and on track!

Your Ultimate Online Music Learning Tool

Unleash your inner musical genius and embark on an extraordinary journey with Jazzedge Academy's world-renowned learning platform. Jazzedge Academy's platform has garnered accolades and acclaim for its innovation and effectiveness. We're not just any online classroom; we're a leader in music education!
We know your time is valuable so Premier Courses are broken into easy to mange 8-week semesters. This gives you the time to learn a lot in a short time without overwhelming yourself.
Each Premier Course is divided into classes. Some classes are live while others are recorded. The recorded classes feature bite-sized videos that you can slow down, speed up and watch as much as you want until you master the material.
Most online music education programs require you to watch a long video and figure out what and how to practice the material. Jazzedge Academy's Premier Courses changes this approach. With our Premier Courses, in addition to the longer class (lesson) video, you will also see multiple Practice Actions™ which are shorter, succinct videos that show you note-for-note what to practice and in which order. Learning in now super-simple.
Here is an example of Premier Course 
Practice Actions. You'll notice:
the video is short and to the point
the material is played several times
you are given options if you can't play the example
you don't have to search around in the main video to find what you need to practice
Practice actions make your practice super-focused
You'll also receive weekly assignments just like a college-level course. However, it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to "do your homework." Students who complete their assignments will get feedback from the teacher and have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. But, you get to decide!
There are several live sessions held throughout the Premier Course. Usually held once a week for about an hour, these live sessions give you the opportunity to engage with fellow students and ask the teacher questions. Every session is recorded and available to rewatch at a later time.
Let's face it. As an adult life gets busy and it's easy to lose track of your goals. Premier Courses make your life easier by providing you with all of the tools needed to stay focused and motivated. 

Each week a new lesson is released. Watch the lesson as much as you wish and use the video Practice Actions™ to know what to practice. 

Live classes are also held each week and they give you the opportunity to engage with other students, get teacher feedback and ask your questions.

In addition, you'll receive helpful emails with tips to stay motivated and on track. Plus, you can engage with your fellow students in our private community forum.

Next Semester Begins April 1st, 2024

The Following Course Will Be Running In The Coming Semester...
Courses available for purchase starting March 25th.

Blues Piano 101

(Course Begins On: Apr. 1st, 2024)
LEVEL: 1 (Level Explanation)

From mastering the iconic 12-bar blues progression to understanding blues scales and improvisation techniques, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the blues genre. Through interactive exercises, practical demonstrations, and personalized feedback, you'll hone your piano skills and cultivate your unique musical voice.

By the end of Blues Piano 101, you'll feel empowered to confidently play and create blues music independently. Whether you aspire to perform on stage or simply want to serenade your friends and family at home, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to express yourself through the power of the blues.

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Advanced Jazz Piano Arranging

(Course Begins On: Apr. 1st, 2024)
LEVEL: 3 (Level Explanation)

Explore the enchanting world of "Advanced Jazz Piano Arranging" as we delve into the timeless gem Chelsea Bridge composed by Billy Strayhorn in 1941. Aptly described as an impressionistic jazz standard, this piece, initially recorded with Duke Ellington, has graced the repertoire of jazz legends like Joe Henderson and Tommy Flanagan.

In this course, we'll dissect the fundamental structure of the tune and craft a comprehensive solo piano arrangement in the classic jazz ballad style. Students will master techniques to enrich and amplify their arrangements, utilizing the entire piano to create depth and resonance. Additionally, we'll explore techniques for adding vibrant colors and dynamic fills, along with incorporating basic stride piano techniques. Join us as we embark on a journey to elevate your jazz piano arranging skills to new heights.

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Jazz Piano 101: Introduction to Jazz Piano

(Course Begins On: Apr. 1st, 2024)
LEVEL: 1 (Level Explanation)

Whether you're new to the genre or seeking to refine your skills, this Jazz Piano 101 course offers an immersive exploration of jazz piano fundamentals.

This course offers a foundational exploration of jazz piano principles suitable for students seeking a comprehensive understanding of the genre. Ideal for beginners to jazz piano and those looking to strengthen their fundamentals, Jazz Piano 101 provides a structured approach to learning jazz piano techniques and concepts.

Throughout the course, students will acquire essential skills necessary for proficient jazz piano performance. Topics covered include:

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