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Just Standards (Advanced)

Learn Jazz Standards for more Advanced Players
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Welcome to "Just Standards," a new iteration of my popular Standards by the Dozen™ series.

In this exciting new series of live classes, Just Standards offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of creating captivating arrangements for standards in a remarkably easy manner.

By joining my live coaching sessions, I'll provide you with valuable insights, techniques, and personalized feedback to make your standards come to life.

Jazzedge Academy classes are designed to encourage active participation and foster a vibrant community of fellow music enthusiasts.

During the live sessions, you'll have the chance to engage with me and fellow students, ask questions, share ideas, and gain inspiration from one another. This interactive approach creates a dynamic learning environment that enhances your understanding and creativity.

All levels of students are welcome to attend as long as you have at least 3 months of piano skills under your belt.

And, since we will be covering a new standard every few weeks, you can pop into any class at any time knowing that a new standard is just around the corner.

I look forward to working with you in this class!


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  • Date: June 28th at 01:00pm
  • Event Timezone: Eastern Timezone
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  • Day of Week: Wednesday
  • Type: class
  • Focus: CMAR (closed voicings and drop 2)
  • Song: Cry Me A River
  • Teacher: willie
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