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Practical Music Theory & Reharmonization

"Practical Music Theory & Reharmonization"

Get ready for a new take on learning music theory. Our new "Practical Music Theory & Reharmonization" class is for anyone who wants to "own" the most important music theory skills that are needed to create exciting arrangements, improvise and be creative at their instrument.

This class is for all instruments and all levels. This means you can be a beginner or a pro. It also means you do not have to be a piano-player to gain valuable skills from this class.

How are all levels going to work in one class you ask? For one, we will be starting easy for everyone since this is a new class format. This means everyone will be able to start out on the right foot and feel comfortable. Willie will also be giving you lesson suggestions from the site so you know where to turn if you need additional help.

Why is the word "practical" in the title?

That's because there are a lot of music theory items that are not really needed by all students. Sometimes theory classes, in their goal to be as complete as possible, end up overburdening students with information that is "good to know" but not "mission critical."

Everything in this class is "must know" information that every single musician should strive to master.

In this class, Willie will be drilling you on your music theory. This is a participation class, so come ready to participate.

Some of you will be nervous. It's time to let go of that nervousness and get ready to work. You'll only get this information in your head and under your fingers if you drill, drill, drill. And that's what we will be doing in this class.

We will also be covering reharmonization techniques so you'll learn how to both harmonize melodies and reharmonize the chords that have been given to you to create something new.

If you're serious about wanting to learn the piano, this is a must-join class.

Some of what we will be covering in this class:

  • Scales - learn the patterns of must-have scale and when to use them
  • Chords - learn how to build different voicings and when to use them
  • Dominant Motion - what is it and how and when do you use it?
  • 2-5-1's - you might know about them, now get ready to REALLY use them
  • Related 2's - learn how to extend your harmony with this cool reharmonization
  • Tritone subs - you've heard of them, with this class you will OWN them
  • Secondary & Extended Dominants - this is the bread-and-butter of progression building

And, get ready to be drilled on every one of these concepts through the weeks.

Get ready to work in this class! There will be homework, quizzes and you will be required to participate.


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  • Class Date: September 25, 2023 5:00 pm
  • Timezone: Eastern Timezone
  • Day of Week: Monday
  • Type: class
  • Event Focus:
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  • Teacher: willie
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