Sibelius Class

In this live class, students will learn to use the music notation software “Sibelius.” The live class will be held every Monday at 12pm ET starting January 16th, 2023 and run for 10-weeks. Students can join live, or access the replays.

Students Will...

  • Be introduced to the interface and the most basic fundamental operations
  • Learn how to set-up a new score
  • Learn some of the most commonly-used functions such as note entry, rhythm entry, and accidentals
  • Learn the most commonly used “style guides” for proper piano notation scores
  • Learn how to enter articulations, dynamics, phrase markings, and chord symbols
  • Learn to cut-and-paste
  • Learn to create a lead sheet
  • Learn to use 1st and 2nd ending repeats
  • Learn to create rhythm slashes
  • Be able to ask questions live, and much more!

Class Schedule:

  • Class #1: Getting a Feel for the Interface
  • Class #2: Setting Up a Score, Entering Notes and Rhythms (1st Keypad), Cut-and-Paste
  • Class #3: Playback Functions, Mixer, Building Chords
  • Class #4: Repeats, Barlines, 1st and 2nd Endings, Codas
  • Class #5: Chord Symbols, Articulations, Dynamics, Phrase Markings
  • Class #6: Creating a Lead Sheet
  • Class #7: Transposing, Adding Bars (Intros/Endings)
  • Class #8: Rhythm Slashes and Noteheads
  • Class #9: Line Breaks, Page Breaks, and Score Organization
  • Class #10: Finishing Touches and Advanced Functions


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  • Event Date: 01/23/2023 12:00 pm
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