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Jazz History Class

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Learning Goals: 

By participating in this course students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the political, socio-economic, cultural, geographical, and historical implications that gave rise to what is often described as the only “true American art form” - jazz music. Through lectures, presentations, videos, guided listenings, and demonstrations, students will learn about famous jazz musicians, musical structures, important events, and how to practice “active listening.”

Part 1: Early Jazz 1900-1930

Class #1: The Roots of Jazz

Class #2: New Orleans

Class #3 New Orleans (cont.) 

Class #4: New York in the 1920s

Class #5: Louis Armstrong and the First Great Soloists

Part 2: The Swing Era

Class #6: Swing Bands

Class #7: Swing Bands (cont.)

Class #8: Count Basie 

Class #9: Duke Ellington

Class #10: A World of Soloists

Part 3: Modern Jazz

Class #11: Bebop

Class #12: The 1950s - Cool Jazz and Hard Bop

Class #13: Jazz Composition in the 1950s

Class #14: Miles Davis

Class #15: John Coltrane


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